Soap-Filled Scratch-Free Scrubbers

Soap-Filled Scratch-Free Scrubbers

Product Description

The one-step solution to washing dishes and non-stick cookware! Each Scratch-Free Scrubber is filled with a specially formulated grease cutting dish soap with a light green apple scent. Pads are constructed of a patented material that won't trap food, and each lasts longer than typical soap-filled steel wool. Independent lab testing certifies these pads will not scratch delicate surfaces like Teflon or plastic.


Ingredient Function
Polyoxyethylene C12-18 Alcohol Surfactant - Anionic
Sodium Dodecylbenzenesulfonate Surfactant - Cleaning Agent
Polyethylene Glycol Viscosity Increasing Agent - Aqueous
Cocodiethanolamide Surfactant - Emulsifying Agents
Water Solvent

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